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2017/18 5.A Verbs - present simple, past simple

      We worked in groups. Our task was to draw a picture in the present and past simple. 


I am a very pretty woman. My name is Brunhylda. I'm 93 years old. I have a big head and long wavy blue hair. I have two eyes, one is green and the other is yellow. My mouth is big and red. I have three brown teeth in my mouth. My nose is big and hairy. I have two hands, every four fingers. My body is fat. I have only one leg. I can play the guitar. I have a music band „Fešandy“. I can sing very well. Now I´m wearing very nice orange T-shirt with a name challenge for youtubers and a red mini skirt with one blue flower. I have a black long shoe. I am wearing a green cap and I have sunglasses and pink gloves.


When I was a girl I had long fair hair and I wasn´t very slim. I had smaller head and two eyes. One was blue and the order was green. My mouth was big and orange. I had twenty yellow teeth in my mouth. My nose was smaller and I had a wart on it. I had two hands, every five fingers. I had two legs. I could play the drums. I couldn´t sing. I had a snake and two rat. I was wearing a yellow polka dot T-shirt and blue striped trousers. I had orange shoes. I was wearing a yellow wooly hat and I had ski goggles.

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