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Welcome to IIS 5.0
Internet Information Services (IIS) for Microsoft Windows 2000 brings the power of Web computing to Windows. With IIS, you can easily share files and printers and create applications to securely publish information to improve the way your organization works. IIS is a secure platform for building and deploying eCommerce solutions. IIS also makes it easy to bring mission-critical business applications to the Web.

Windows 2000 with IIS scales to meet your needs. You can:

  • Set up a personal Web server.
  • Share information within your team.
  • Access databases.
  • Create an enterprise intranet.

IIS integrates proven Internet standards with Windows, so that using the Web does not mean having to start over and learn new ways to publish, manage, or develop.

Windows 2000 with Internet Information Services is the easiest way to share information and run powerful applications on the Web.

Integrated Management
You can manage IIS through the Windows 2000 Computer Management console, or by using scripting. If you have installed Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2000 Advanced Server, the <% if port <> "" then %>Administration Web site<% else %>Administration Web site<% end if %> can also be used to manage IIS.

You can also right-click on a directory, and you can share its contents via the Web, as well as configure the most common IIS settings.

Online Documentation
The award-winning IIS online documentation includes an index, full-text search, and printing by node or by individual topic. You can:

  • Get help with tasks.
  • Learn about server operation.
  • Consult reference material.
  • View code samples.
Web Printing
Windows 2000 dynamically lists all the printers on your server on an easily accessible Web site. You can browse this site to monitor printers and their jobs. You can also connect to the printers via this site from any Windows computer.

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